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Public Sector budget squeeze? Time to wring out your water savings.

It’s fair to say that only a few public sector organisations have dived into the potential savings that good water management and the open water market could achieve.

June. It must be time for another election.

Amid voter apathy, election fatigue and alarming reports of tactical voting, the undeniable result of any election is that it is down to public sector executives to deliver against the manifesto pledges of the triumphant. And let’s not forget that, whilst there are myriad issues currently affecting the health of the nation, there’s one thing that voters always want to see delivered: good service and value for money from their public sector providers.

Of course this is easily stated. But, with so many pressing budget priorities, legislative changes and price rises driven up through supply chains, not quite so easily delivered.

Low-Hanging Fruit

Often it’s the small, quick wins – often referred to as the low-hanging fruit – that can deliver fast, measurable results. Whereas larger juicier projects which potentially achieve greater savings also carry more risk and take considerably longer to achieve.

Take water for example. It’s now two months since water supply was deregulated for non-residential customers. And it’s fair to say that only a few public sector organisations have dived into the potential savings that good water management and the open water market could achieve.

This is completely understandable – it’s an election month, exams month and a very testing month for the emergency services too – but procurement officials might like to know that there are some potentially big savings to be had with regard to water. This is why the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) created a framework to help councils, schools, universities, the emergency services and healthcare providers to find their way through a complex new marketplace.

Crown Commercial Service Framework RM3790Crown Commercial Service Supplier logo

The CCS recently launched a framework for Water, Wastewater and Ancillary Services to help organisations prepare for and switch their water supplier. This framework is expected to save the public sector more than £20 million over four years.

Prior to this, a survey conducted by the CCS revealed that public sector water customers said their highest priorities were to obtain best price, ensure accurate billing, receive excellent customer service and guarantee procurement compliance. 89% of respondents said that access to independent ancillary services would help them to achieve these goals.

Waterscan is one of just four suppliers appointed to provide independent ancillary guidance to the public sector under this procurement framework. It means that Waterscan has pre-negotiated offers in place to work with public sector officials to help them to achieve best value from the open market.

Think Holistically To Wring Out Savings

In an article for Public Sector Executive, Ofwat estimated that switching for better prices will have a net benefit to the customer and UK economy of around £200m, supported by new retail entrants striving to support the customer voice.

However, we believe that by thinking holistically about your organisation’s approach to water, savings could be greater still. Switching suppliers may result in an immediate impact but consider what could be achieved by first dealing with billing irregularities, identifying and repairing leaks, benchmarking your organisation’s operational water footprint against others, setting effective service level agreements and importantly, monitoring ongoing performance.

Recognising that the needs of a school are very different to those of a fire service, we provide packages which are completely tailored to our customers and which reflect their usage and organisational goals. Under the CCS framework, we are able to advise and support you with: automated meter reading goods and services, water audits, water footprints, leak detection and repairs, cost/spend recovery, bill validation, benchmarking and tariff optimisation.

It might all sound a bit confusing but it’s our job to demystify the whole thing for you and deliver reductions in water usage, lower costs and optimise risk reduction – all supporting your organisations’ wider targets.

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