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Do-It-Yourself Supply – Self-Supply

As we get closer to market opening, some exciting changes are set to occur within the water industry – Self-Supply

The same can be said at Waterscan; with preparations for April 2017 complete and the strategy on how best to support clients decided, it’s almost time for the last piece of the puzzle to fall into place. While we wait for this, an article published by The Water Report gives a detailed overview of Waterscan’s strategy for April 2017 and self-supply.

Water Report article - Do-It-Yourself Supply - self-supply

There are two service options available for end-users in the new market, ensuring there is a solution for everyone.

Self-Supply – a new service which supports non-household customers through the application process to Ofwat and administration of self-supplying water to their business, allowing them to take complete control over water consumption and cost.

Water Procurement – a tender management process with water retailers to ensure non-household customers get the best water supply contract, avoiding unnecessary costs and selecting the right water retailer to optimise service levels.

Both options benefit from Waterscan’s extensive knowledge and experience of the industry, combined with complete transparency and confidence of data validity on the central system (CMOS) enabling a well informed decision on maximising consumption and cost reduction to be made.

If you’d like to discuss preparations for April 2017 further, or if you would be interested in attending a breakfast workshop on market margin analysis and deregulation opportunities in February, email us on info@waterscan.com

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Water Report self-supply article